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ABORNE-Palgrave book Series in African Borderlands Studies

ABORNE-Palgrave book Series in African Borderlands Studies

In 2009 ABORNE entered a formal agreement with Palgrave Macmillan to publish a new Series in African Borderlands Studies. Both edited volumes and monographs are accepted. For further details, please read the call for manuscripts.


Published volumes:

Miescher, Giorgio (2012): Namibia’s Red Line Fence. The History of a Veterinary and Settlement Border.

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Korf, Benedikt and Timothy Raeymaekers (eds. 2013): Bringing the Margins Back In: States, Conflict, and Borderlands. 

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Vaughan, Christopher, Mareike Schomerus and Lotje de Vries (eds. 2013): The Borderlands of South Sudan: Authority and identity in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives.

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Forthcoming volumes:

Zeller, Wolfgang and Jordi Tomas (eds.): Secessionism in Africa. Publication expected in 2015. 

Gaibazzi, Paolo, Alice Bellagamba and Stephan Duennwald (eds.): EurAfrican Borders: Places, Actors, Lives. Publication expected in 2015.

Lefebvre, Camille and Severine Awenengo Dalberto (eds.): Boundaries and Independence. Publication expected in 2015.

von Oppen, Achim, Geert Castryck and Katharina Zöller (eds.): Bridging Histories: Distinction, Connection and Mobility across East and Central Africa. Publication expected in 2015. 

Hiribarren, Vincent: Dividing and Reconstructing African Space: Borders and Territory in Borno, Nigeria. Publication expected in 2016.

Huesken, Thomas: Aulad Ali - Tribes, Politics and Revolutions in the Borderland of Egypt and Libya. Publication expected in 2016.

Journal Special Issues and Other Collections

Journal Special Issues and Other Collections


Journal of Borderland StudiesVol 25(2) 2010. Special ABORNE issue edited by David Coplan

Journal of Eastern African Studies, Vol 6(1) 2012. Special issue on 'Uganda from the Margins'

Rodrigues, Cristina Udelsmann and Jordi Tomas (eds. 2012). Crossing African Borders: Migration and Mobility.  Edited collection of selected papers presented at the 4th Annual Conference of ABORNE in Lisbon in 2011.

Journal of Critical African Studies, Vol. 5(1) 2013. Special Issue on African Borderlands edited by Wolfgang Zeller 

ACME International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, Vol 13(2) 2014. Special thematic section: The Mediterranean Migration Frontier edited by Timothy Raeymaekers