We invite all scholars and institutions with a serious interest in African borderlands to join the network.

To join, you have to do 2 things IN THIS ORDER:

1. Pay your first annual (or lifetime) membership fee or write an e-mail to request a waiver (see below). If you fail to do either your application will be rejected.

2. fill out this form


The money that will accrue from membership fees will be used to support ABORNE activities. This includes maintenance of the website and support for future events within the network.

Members have access to the member area of the website and receive the ABORNE newsletter.


Our annual fees are:

Students 5 Euros annual fee

Researchers 15 Euros annual fee or 50 Euros lifetime fee

Institutions (with access for up to 10 individual members) 150 Euros annual fee


You have four options to pay:

1. by transfer to a regular bank account in the Euro zone.

The account details are
Account holder (surname): Zeller
Account holder (first name): Karl Wolfgang
Name of bank: Danske Bank
Country: Finland
IBAN-account number:

2. via Pay Pal.

If you know how to use it, please send your fees to

If you don't know how to use Pay Pal and want to find out more, go to

3. Payment in cash at ABORNE workshops and conferences.

4. Send your fee in cash (Euros, British Pounds or USD) by post to Wolfgang Zeller. The contact details are here: www.cas.ed.ac.uk/staff_profiles/wolfgang_zeller

N.B.: Cheques are no longer accepted.


If none of these options suits you or if you need further information, please send Wolfgang an e-mail.


Institutions and scholars based in Africa can request a waiver of the annual membership fee. However, we only grant waivers to applicants who can convincingly demonstrate that they have a serious interest in, and intend to contribute to the work of ABORNE. We therefore require at least one recommendation letter from an existing ABORNE member to grant a waiver. The request for a waiver must include this recommendation letter and should be sent by e-mail to Wolfgang Zeller. Contact details are here: http://www.cas.ed.ac.uk/people/core_staff/wolfgang_zeller